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Repetitive Lines

Ship Services

Merchant Mariner

Have an engineer taking some time off? Do you want a second set of eyes on the plant for a trip? Following Maritime Law, the chain of command, and the duties of a Licensed Engineer, I know a guy... (his name is Rob.) 

CMMS Audit

Need a third party maintenance system audit? Curious if the reporting can be improved to satisfy Class or customers? Our licensed Chief Engineer has been audited on vessels dozens of times and knows what to look for. 

Engineering Assurance

Going to the shipyard? Does the Project Manager have a lot on his plate? We can help make sure your projects are completed. New construction or upgrades, let's get together and talk about it!  

Project Planning

Have you seen systems installed only to have them redone a short time later, like adding another valve, or find the incorrect material was used? Let us review your P&IDs before you install it. We'll help avoid the redo!

System Verification

Older vessel with lots of modifications? Not sure if systems match the drawings? We can hand over hand the systems and update your P&IDs. We can verify in port or underway!

Still looking?

Not sure if we're right for you? Underway or otherwise, our priority is your success, so get in touch and let's see what we can do.  


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